All Democrats need to hear that Cindy Axne doesn’t back down. She will go to Washington to take on Trump and the Republicans to get things done.

  • In Congress, Cindy will fight back against Trump and Republicans who are holding women back.
    • Cindy Axne knows every woman has encountered sexism and discrimination – she’s experienced these barriers firsthand.
    • And she’s disgusted by Donald Trump and politicians who every day find new ways to undermine Iowa women, and she won’t stop fighting until women are empowered in this country.
    • She’ll demand women get paid the same as men and have access to the same opportunities, and she’ll relentlessly protect a woman’s right to choose.
  • Cindy Axne has experience getting things done for Iowans
    • Cindy worked with Governor Culver to make Iowa more energy efficient and clean the environment. Her work helped install thousands of wind turbines, making Iowa number two in the nation in wind energy production and putting thousands to work.
    • After learning full-day kindergarten eligibility in West Des Moines was determined by lottery, Cindy Axne took action. She persisted for a year advocating and negotiating with principals, the school board, and the superintendent until every kid got full-day kindergarten.

Democrats in Omaha will be unlikely to have heard about Cindy.


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