David Young Attack Ad Fact Check

You might have seen one of David Young’s or his Super PAC’s false and misleading attacks against Cindy. Below we break down some of the most misleading claims:

Attack Ad 6:

CLAIM: Cindy Axne is bankrolled by Nancy Pelosi, supported by liberal radicals who want to abolish ICE, and would vote with Nancy Pelosi for open borders and amnesty.
FACT: Cindy has said she will stand up to her party and oppose efforts to abolish ICE. She supports  a bipartisan approach to comprehensive immigration reform that starts with strengthening border security, cracking down on violent crime, and providing a pathway to citizenship for non-violent immigrants who have paid their taxes.

Attack Ad 5:

CLAIM: Cindy is a registered lobbyist.
FACT: Cindy is registered with Iowa Voters for Companion Animals, a non-profit organization fighting for better treatment of puppies and dogs in Iowa’s puppy mills.
When Cindy learned that 10 of the nation’s 100 worst puppy mills are based right here in Iowa, she decided to do something about it. She joined the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals and registered in 2017 to join their day-of-action.


Attack Ad 4:

CLAIM: These attacks against David Young are false. David has always fought for protecting Iowans with pre-existing conditions.

FACT: In 2015, David Young voted for a bill that would have taken away protections for pre-existing conditions. In 2017, David Young voted for legislation that would have allowed insurance companies to charge exorbitant premiums for people with pre-existing conditions. David Young has voted repeatedly to increase the cost of healthcare, gut coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, and charge seniors more in what the AARP calls the ‘age tax.’


CLAIM: Cindy Axne and her Liberal allies support government run healthcare that experts say will cost $32 Trillion. That means higher taxes on everyone.

FACT: Cindy supports a plan that would allow individuals and companies to opt into a public insurance option in order to increase competition for private insurance companies. Congressman Young is talking about a different plan, not Cindy’s.


CLAIM: But for Iowa seniors its worse. Their plan ends Medicare for seniors as we know it. Seniors could lose access to quality care. Cindy Axne… Higher taxes, too risky for seniors.

FACT: David Young voted for a bill that would have created what the AARP calls an ‘age tax.’


Attack Ad 3:

CLAIM: As a state bureaucrat, Cindy Axne’s taxpayer-funded salary increased by sixty-five percent.

FACT: Cindy Axne worked for over a decade at the State of Iowa, where she used her business experience to direct initiatives that improved services, streamlined government programs and saved Iowa taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.


CLAIM: After being forced to resign from government, Axne started a consulting firm…

…and got richer.

FACT: After Cindy left her role due to partisan politics, the phone calls began to pour in from employees who quickly realized there was no one to fill her shoes. Cindy got back to work, fighting to make sure hardworking Iowans received better services for less.


CLAIM: Trading on her insider connections to win big state contracts. Billing taxpayers over a hundred dollars an hour…just to answer phone calls. Cindy Axne put herself first…and Iowa taxpayers paid the bill.

FACT: While Cindy has saved Iowa taxpayers tens of million dollars, David Young has racked up over $2 million in taxpayer funded salary and benefits, with a salary increase of 700% during his tenure as a staffer in the Senate.


Attack AD 2:

CLAIM: Liberal D.C. bureaucrats and radical environmentalists are a threat to Iowa agriculture. She’s with them, not us.

FACT: Cindy believes that we can protect our environment, while also strengthening Iowa agriculture and creating jobs across the state. Having grown up on her grandfather’s farm, Cindy knows that agriculture is the bedrock of Iowa’s economy. Cindy will stand up for all of Iowa’s farmers, including supporting a Farm Bill that protects new farmers and small to midsize farms.

CLAIM: And Axne wants to increase the death tax hurting family farms.

FACT: The claim that the so-called ‘death tax’ will hurt Iowa’s family farms is fundamentally false, according to the USDA. The estate tax applies to individuals with assets above $5.5 million and couples with assets above $11 million. Of the Iowans subject to the tax, only a fraction are farmers. According to the USDA, 0.4 percent, or 153 farms in the country out of 38,328 farm estates, paid any estate tax in 2016. The number is even less in Iowa.


Cindy wants to protect family farms. But she knows that abolishing a tax that generates tens of billions of dollars that affects perhaps a dozen farms in Iowa is not the solution. Cindy will make sure we pass a Farm Bill that protects new farmers and mid-sized farms.


Attack Ad 1: ‘First Thing’


CLAIM: Axne says the first thing she’ll do is vote to raise taxes on Iowa families as much as $2,900.

FACT: Cindy Axne has said that the first thing she’ll do in Congress is repeal the regressive GOP tax bill that gives incentives to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of crucial programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Cindy Axne doesn’t support raising taxes on Iowa families, she supports directing tax relief to middle and lower class families who need it most, not America’s wealthiest individuals and corporations.


CLAIM: Axne would cut the child tax credit in half.

FACT: Cindy Axne is a strong supporter of the child tax credit and believes we should expand it for working families. The GOP tax bill expanded it for the wealthy Americans and top earners, taking money away from Iowa’s middle and lower-class families.


CLAIM: And she supports tax hikes on 90% of Iowans.

FACT: Cindy Axne supports cutting taxes for hardworking Iowans who are struggling to provide for their families. But unlike David Young, she doesn’t support bankrupting the country with a trillion dollar tax cut for Wall Street executives and corporations.