The following people have endorsed Cindy Axne for U.S. Congress:

Vickee Adams Former Chair, Dallas County Democrats
Judy Anderson Founding Member for Central Iowa Shelter & Services
Art Behn Treasurer, Dallas County Democrats
Nancy Bobo Founder, Women for a Stronger America
Patricia Boddy Former Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Kerry Bowen Chair, Windsor Height Democrats
Rebecca Boyd Dublinske Board Member, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
Alicia Claypool Former Chairperson Iowa Civil Rights Commission and Co founder of Iowa Safe Schools
Dale M. Cochran Former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
Kathy Collins Former Attorney for Iowa Department of Education and School Administrators of Iowa
Donna Crum Chair, Mills County Democrats
Dian Curran Vice Chair, Iowa Democratic Party Native American Caucus
Paul Danforth Clinical Social Worker and Community Leader
Des Moines Professional Firefighers Joe Van Haalen, Local President
Mike Draper Business Owner, RayGun
Julie and Alan Feirer Community Activists, Madison County
Dylan Funk Co-Chair, Iowa Democratic Party Progressive Caucus
Lynn Graves Founding member of the United Way of Central Iowa Women’s Leadership Initiative
Renee Hardman City Councilwoman, West Des Moines
Patricia Higby Board Member, Iowa Wind Energy Association
Alice Hodde Treasurer, Fremont County Democrats
Josh Hughes Vice President, Interstate 35 Community School Board
Peggy Huppert Executive Director, Iowa The National Alliance on Mental Illness
Joleen Jansen Clayton County Clean Energy District Program Coordinator
Timothy Kacena Iowa House of Representatives District 14
Devin Kelly Chair, Iowa Democratic Party Stonewall Caucus
Mary LaHay President, Iowa Friends of Companion Animals
Louis Lavarato Former Justice, Iowa Supreme Court
Roz Lehman Former Director, Iowa Rivers Revival
Rhonda Martin City Councilwoman, City of Johnston
Mike Matson Alderman, City of Davenport
Reyma McCoy Mcdeid Chair, Grey Area Democrats
Doctor Mary Mincer Hansen Former Director, Iowa Department of Public Health
Cornelia Mutel Noted Ecologist and Environmental Author
Tom Narak Retired Superintendent, West Des Moines Public School System
Ralph Rosenberg Former State House Representative and State Senator, Former Executive Director, Iowa Environment Council
Rachel Scott Former Administrator, Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
Dr. Yogesh Shah Director, Palliative Care Services Broadlawns
Dr. Robert Shaw Board Member, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
Loretta Sieman Former City Counicl Member, City of West Des Moines
Eric Tabor Chief Deputy Attorney General
Ruth Thompson Vice-Chair, Iowa Democratic Party Disability Caucus
Marcia Wanamaker 3rd Vice Chair, Dallas County Democrats
Susan Webster Community Activists and Precinct Captain, Des Moines
Jackie Wellman Community Activist, West Des Moines
China Wong 2017 Woman Business Owner of the Year, Salon Spa W
Judy Anderson - Founding Member for Central Iowa Shelter & Services
Josh Hughes - Vice President, Interstate 35 School Board
Nancy Bobo, Founder, Women for a Stronger America
Ruth Burgess Thompson
Alicia Claypool
Des Moines Fire Fighters
Donna Crum
Dylan P. Funk
Peggy Huppert
Mary LaHay
Reyma McCoy McDeid -- Chair, Grey Area Democrats
Mary Mincer Hanson
Ralph Rosenberg
Loretta Sieman
Des Moines Firefighters AIFF Local #4

Endorse Cindy and join the rest of Iowa helping her get to the U.S. Congress.